Mimas Finance is here!

Our team is proud to announce the mainnet limited launch of Mimas Finance! Our goal is to be the premier algorithmic money market and liquid staking protocol on Cronos, allowing users to lend, borrow, and stake assets on a decentralized and permissionless platform.

All Supply and Borrow Markets

There are no allowlists, Mimas Finance is available for everyone on the Cronos mainnet. But there are few key restrictions for this limited launch:

Our main goal with the limited release is to validate and stress test our platform. But at the same time, we want to give a chance for the whole Cronos community to play with our product before our IDO.

We will remove those restrictions shortly after our IDO, which is taking place at MM Finance on Jan 3rd, and will last for 24h. You can find more information about our IDO here.



Algorithmic Money Market and Liquid Staking Protocol for Cronos

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