Mimas Finance — Today and Tomorrow

Where we are now?

In less than 24h since our launch, we are already one of the top 10 DeFi projects on the Cronos Chain.

Source: https://defillama.com/chain/Cronos
Source: https://mimas.finance
  • rMIMAS rewards: Supply and borrow incentives will be given rMIMAS, a timelocked version of MIMAS. This will for sure attract more users to our platform, but at the same not create more sell pressure for the MIMAS token.
  • MIMAS locked staking: Users will be able to lock their MIMAS for 6 months, while receiving more MIMAS, rMIMAS, and protocol fees (in the native tokens) as rewards.

Our Future — Defira: A cross-chain DeFi metaverse game world

Tokeonomics — MIMAS and Defira

As we already hinted on our @mimas_fi Twitter account, the MIMAS token will play a similar role as the TRANQ token in Defira. Mimas Finance will be integrated in to the game, and the MIMAS token will be re-imagined as the Mimas Orb, a mystical gem of great magical power.

The Mimas Orb

Stay Tuned

This is only a a glimpse of our plans for Defira and Mimas Finance. We have been working on this project in stealth and will share more details and in-depth documentation in the coming weeks as we approach our official announcement and launch.



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Mimas Finance

Mimas Finance


Algorithmic Money Market and Liquid Staking Protocol for Cronos